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Cardiff's Unique City Centre Family Run Hotel

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Our Commitment to The Environment

The Sandringham Hotel's way of reducing its carbon footprint and help the environment includes:

  1. Using low energy bulbs
  2. When applicable using even lower wattage LED bulbs
  3. Displaying signs to encourage guests to be environment friendly on the replacement of towels and the turning off of lights in rooms when not in use.
  4. Recycling of waste paper
  5. Installation of motion detectors in corridors
  6. Using limited use water taps in public areas
  7. Replacing all electrical equipment with high graded economy efficient ones where applicable
  8. Use of food bins for waste
  9. Recycling glass
  10. Lowering the temperature of the boiler by 1° C
  11. Encouraging suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging
  12. Recycling cardboard
  13. Sending waste oil to a specialist company for recycling
  14. Recycling toner cartridges
  15. Using local suppliers to keep our food miles to a minimum
  16. Training staff not to waste water and energy (i.e. by turning off non-essential equipment and lights when not in use)